The Mrs. Parma's story...

The love of a good beer and a deep appreciation of Melbourne’s favourite pub meal, led two chefs to open Mrs. Parma’s in late 2006.

Mrs. Parma’s is Melbourne’s first and only Bar/Bistro specializing in Parmagiana’s and Victorian micro brewery beers, right in the heart of the city.

Melbourne's Best Parmas

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Parma & pot you just can’t go past Mrs.Parmas – it’s all in the name - MX Magazine
I couldn’t have lost my Parma virginity to better place - Australia’s Food & Wine Guide
I’d buy a CBD garage & live there, just to be closer to this place - The Happiest Hour
They take the art of constructing the perfect Parma very seriously - The Age
The best Parmas in the world - Dave O’Neil
True to its name, this excellent bar marries up beer with it’s perfect partner, the Parma - Your Bars
A mouth watering range of Parmas that will have you struggling to make a decision - Thats Melbourne
They take these two ingredients (beer & Parma) and specialise like no other venue in Melbourne - Thats Melbourne
The best variety of Parmas in the land – right in the heart of Melbourn’s CBD - The Crafty Pint
“No Parma list could be complete without a visit to Melbourne’s most hospitable matriarch, Mrs.Parmas - Saturday Age – The Good Life
There’s no doubting the quality of the beer to accompany the speciality Parmas - The Age – 48 Hours, Top 5 beer experiences
Voted Melbourne’s best Parma - Time Out Magazine