Beers On tap
  • Mrs.P's Lager - Mrs.Parma
  • Two Golden Ale - Two Birds Brewery
  • Tallboy & Moose Pale Ale - Exculsive brews with Tallboy & Moose
  • Cavalier Pale Ale - Cavalier Brewery
  • Normas Secret IPA - Exclusive brew with Wolf of the Willows
  • Juicy IPA - 3 Ravens
  • Prohibition Porter - Caltoria Brewery
  • Rotating Beer Taps - New Brews & Favourites
  • Cider Tap - Old & new style ciders
Famous Parmas
  • Chicken - $26.50
  • Veal - $28.50
  • Eggplant - $24
  • Original Parmigiana
  • Greek Parma Parmigiana
  • Proscuitto & asparagus Parmigiana
  • Bratwurst Parma Parmigiana
  • Spanakopita Parmigiana
  • Scamorza Parmigiana
  • Mexican Parmigiana
  • Mushroom Parmigiana
  • Great Balls of Fire Parmigiana
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  • If you’ve been looking for the perfect Parma & pot you just can’t go past Mrs.Parmas – it’s all in the name - MX Magazine
  • I couldn’t have lost my Parma virginity to better place - Australia’s Food & Wine Guide
  • I’d buy a CBD garage & live there, just to be closer to this place - The Happiest Hour
  • They take the art of constructing the perfect Parma very seriously - The Age
  • The best Parmas in the world - Dave O’Neil
  • True to its name, this excellent bar marries up beer with it’s perfect partner, the Parma - Your Bars
  • A mouth watering range of Parmas that will have you struggling to make a decision - Thats Melbourne
  • They take these two ingredients (beer & Parma) and specialise like no other venue in Melbourne - Thats Melbourne
  • The best variety of Parmas in the land – right in the heart of Melbourn’s CBD - The Crafty Pint
  • “No Parma list could be complete without a visit to Melbourne’s most hospitable matriarch, Mrs.Parmas - Saturday Age – The Good Life
  • There’s no doubting the quality of the beer to accompany the speciality Parmas - The Age – 48 Hours, Top 5 beer experiences
  • Voted Melbourne’s best Parma - Time Out Magazine
Hand Crafted Beers for Hand Crafted Parmas

The love of a good beer and a deep appreciation of Melbourne’s favourite pub meal, led two chefs to open Mrs. Parma’s in late 2006.
Mrs. Parma’s is Melbourne’s first and only Bar/Bistro specializing in Parmagiana’s and Victorian micro brewery beers, right in the heart of the city.
Located in Melbourne’s C.B.D at “the top end” of town Mrs. Parma’s is close to theatres, shopping, accommodation and major sporting venues.
So what ever your reason to be in Melbourne Mrs. Parma’s is the perfect spot to meet, eat, relax and grab a drink or get ready for your special night out.